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Tool for low bandwidth connection to the Internet.

The idea behind it is to have two proxies one on the local machine (inner proxy) and the other on the internet (outer proxy). The bandwidth between those two is poor whether the outer proxy has broad band. The outer proxy compresses the http content and send it back over the low bandwith connection to the inner proxy that send it to the browser.
It compresses all the traffic from the local pc to a site on the internet, the latter with a broadband connection.
It's built with two module:
  1. a local Winform app with an HttpListener that receives requests from a browser and forward compressed to the second module. This Winform receives also the response and decompress it.
  2. on an site on the internet a .ASHX receives requests gets the data from the requested site, compress them and send back to the local proxy.

.Net framework 2.0.
Using the HttpListener class the winform app needs XP SP2 or Windows server 2003 or greater.
You must also be an administrator to let the app register the listening port.

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